Suggestions for what to eat around West Lake

Hanoi’s street food scene can be overwhelming with its mix of smells and tastes but it’s well worth exploring since it’s one of the freshest, healthiest and most flavorful cuisines in the world. Around the West Lake, there are many delicious dishes, let’s find out the dishes and places to enjoy it.

  1. Shrimp Cake

Coming to West Lake, you must enjoy shrimp cakes here at least once. Around the road along the lake there are many shrimp cake restaurants. But the most famous and delicious is probably Tay Ho Shrimp Cake Restaurant. The West Lake shrimp cake is a type of batter-dipped shrimp patties that were originally made and served by a state-owned restaurant next to West Lake in the 1970’s. Originally, freshwater shrimp that were caught from West Lake were used to make the dish, hence geographically inspired moniker. The West Lake shrimp cake is served with sweet and sour fish sauce, green papaya and carrot slices.

Address: No 1, Thanh Nien street, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

Price: 80.000 VND – 130.000 VND

  1. Banh cuon (traditional Rolled Cake)

Banh cuon is a popular Vietnamese street food item consisting of steamed rice rolls stuffed with pork and mushrooms. The dish is usually served with a fried shallot dip, sweet fish sauce, a variety of fresh herbs, and lime-based sauce on the side.

It takes a special kind of skill to prepare these steamed rolls which should always be extremely thin and translucent. By itself, the pale white rice batter is silky smooth and soft but otherwise rather bland. Flavor and texture come from a filling of seasoned ground pork, mushrooms, and shallots. The rice noodle roll is served with a separate bowl of clear amber dipping sauce, which is essentially fish sauce.

Address: No 194. Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Price: 40.000 VND – 50.000 VND

  1. Pho cuon (rolled rice noodle soup)

Eating Pho Cuon is also among the things to do in West Lake. Pho Cuon looks like spring rolls from the outside but is totally different inside. It’s made from rice paper as you will see with its white colour. Inside you will find herbs, greens and sliced beef. It is a fresh dish and when you will eat it, you should put the rolls into the broth (made of fish sauce, sugar and vinegar). Local and tourists like this dish a lot, especially during hot weather as it’s a fresh dish.

Address: No 25, Ngu Xa street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Price: 60.000 VND – 100.000 VND

  1. Bun dau mam tom (noodle with shrimp sauce)

One of the most popular dishes of Hanoi in general and West Lake in particular is the noodle with shrimp sauce. The dish simply consists of crispy fried apricot beans with white noodles and some herbs, but conquers even the most demanding customers. In addition to fried tofu, the dish also combines with spring rolls, fried hearts, boiled meat, apricot, boiled tongue … to ensure nutrition.

Address: No 235, Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Price: 25.000 VND – 70.000 VND

  1. Banh bot loc (clear flour cake)

Located on the bustling Thuy Khue street, there is a very simple clear flour cake restaurant, hidden among shimmering advertising signs, however, is one of the famous one in the whole city. Unlike traditional clear flour cake, Banh bot loc in West Lake is made of tapioca starch, shrimp, and pork belly. It is often used with sweet and sour fish sauce and raw vegetables. This kind of food is very fresh and light.

Address: No. 198 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Price: 15.000 VND/bowl

  1. Snails

When mentioning to West Lake, it is impossible to ignore dishes made from snails. Walking around a West Lake you will see countless different snail shops, but you definitely have to visit Ba Gia snail shop once. This is the oldest snail shop in West Lake and is always packed with customers. At Ba Gia snail shop there are many different snail dishes such as boiled snails, fried snails with tamarind, mannequin snails, steamed clams, steamed snails stuffed with lemon leaves and familiar snacks: fried sweet potatoes, fried spring rolls …. Especially, snail sauce here is prepared with typical spices according to traditional recipe to bring a very rich and different flavor.

Address: No 173, Trich Sai street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Price: 30.000 – 70.000

Above is some typial dishes of West Lake that you need to know. Hope our aforementioned information help you your trip more complete.

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